Monday, March 19, 2012

Your grandma had sex too, you know!

        So, if I met a person who enjoys being with me, enjoys texting me, enjoys keeping up with me daily; and if we enjoyed going out for breakfast together, or dinner, or just coffee and dessert; and if we enjoyed hanging out doing almost nothing, walking in parks, or just walking around a city block or two while carrying on random conversations; if we're totally into each other, and if we enjoy hugging and kissing, sitting close, walking close, why! oh why! should it matter to anyone, anyone, ANYONE that we're the same gender???

     Why would YOU allow yourself to be bothered by it.  It's not like you, almost automatically at lightning speed, would allow yourself to venture into imaginations about what we might be doing in our private time.  Or, would you?

     Sometimes, actually often, I wonder if (acually I'm kinda convinced that)  that's really the root of the problem.  Yes!  It is a problem!  Why?  Because so many people out there are making a lot of unnecessary trouble for others due to this root. 

     What is the "root?"  Simple!  It's that many individuals won't keep their minds on their own business.  They won't stop themselves from pondering what other individuals are doing in their private times.  Way down deep they've grown infatuated with their own tabloid sensationalized speculations about private times of other individuals.  If that's not the case, then, seriously, what's the bother all about?

     Many have said, "Well, the Bible says...."  But, the truth is, they're simply using the Bible like a mirror to reflect their own prejudices back at them.  They'd already decided to dislike something (before they'd ever read the Bible, let alone studied its contents), so while they were kinda reading it they found something that suggests "God's" opinion is the same as their own (so Hallelujah! must be on the right track!).  I say it's either something like that, or it's something like this.  They heard a preacher or a teacher or a broadcast person voice a mirror-image opinion back at them (so Hallelujah! must  be on the right track!). 

     Suppose.  Read the first paragraph above and just suppose that in the "private times" there is no sex.  Why would you (or anyone) allow yourself (himself/ herself) to be bothered by the situations I described in same-gender scenarios?  What problem is imposed upon you (or anyone) because of them?  What injustices are imposed upon you (or anyone because of them)?

     I can understand why you might not like people doing sex in front of you, but if people are not doing sex in front of you, then why would you allow yourself to be bothered by individuals of the same gender holding hands and walking together, and sharing their g-rated honest affections with each other?

     Ok, so maybe you just don't like it.  So what?  Maybe I don't like seeing people eat certain foods.  Maybe you don't like certain clothes.  Maybe you don't like all sorts of other things that people do in public view.  Maybe people don't like what you do.  Still, I'll bet you don't want other people imposing their dislikes upon you, right?

     I know all this is kinda abrupt, and the logic is not fine tuned, but I'll bet you get the gist.  Why!  oh why?  won't people keep their minds out of gutters when thinking about Gay and Lesbians?  Seriously, why! oh why? won't everyone support Gay Marriage and, well, not worry about what they do in private.  If you you're not pondering what they do in private, what's the problem?  You just don't like it?

     Do you like the thought of your grandma having sex?  How about your neighbors?  How about people you go to church with?  How about people you work with? 

     More than enough said!



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